Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing Blake Daniel

On September 22, 2011 at 12:39am my son, Blake Daniel, was born; weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and 18 inches long. I was due October 3, 2011 but he decided it was time to go at 12:30pm September 21, 2011. I had a doctors appointment at 9:30 that morning and the doctor decided to do a second membrane strip (with my permission of course) because he was going out of town the next day for a week and would be back on my due date; just my luck. I really wanted him to deliver Blake because Orlando and I were comfortable with him and he was very supportive of our decisions. So after he checked everything and did the membrane strip, Orlando took me home and then he went to work. When I was at home I noticed that I was "leaking" but thought it was just the "aftermath" of the membrane stripping so I pushed it to the side. About two hours later I called my mom to see what she thought, she was about to bicker at me for my phone being broken but before she could really get going I cut her off with, "Mom, my water broke. What the heck do I do?" as I felt a small trickling sensation down my leg. I knew that I didn't pee myself because it was a completely different feeling. She told me to get off the phone with her, call Orlando and then call her back to help me stay clam. So I did just that, when Orlando answered the phone all he heard was, "My water broke come home now please." He hung up on me and was home in about 15 minutes.

When he got here we got our things and off to the hospital we went. The nurse put me in a triage room and took the amniotic fluid test to see if my water really broke since she couldn't tell when she checked me. As she was checking my she was trying to help break my water some more she told me since she couldn't feel the break, they may not keep me. When she was done with checking me and taking the test, as she was putting it in the plastic bag I suddenly felt a burst of water. I told her and we all laughed as she threw the test away and there we waited to be put in another room. Once we were in the other room, I called my mom to tell her that my water broke and that it was only ruptured in the beginning, she told me she was on her way.

Around 4:30 they started me on pitocin to try to speed things up, although I wanted to do natural I gave them permission to do it. I was not feeling any full on contractions, only some cramping. I told the nurse this and when she came back into the room around 6:30pm, my doctor's wife checked me and said that my water only ruptured at the top and the bottom of my water bag was still there acting as a cushion and keeping me from feel the contractions and progressing. So she broke it and here came the pain. I had been doing really well so far with the level 6 pitocin but once she finished breaking my water. I told the nurse I'd really like to have an epidural and about 30 minutes later, I got one. When it started to kick in, the pain eased, and I fell asleep. I woke up right as my doctor was walking in to check me, when he checked me I was 10 cm and ready to go at 12:00am. After 39 minutes of pushing and taking breaks in between contractions to watch Comedy Central, Blake was finally here! I only had one small tear that didn't cause me too much pain after the epidural wore off. We spent 38 hours in the hospital after Blake was born and then we were home that Friday around 12:30pm.

Blake is now 10 days old and is doing SO well. We are slowly but surely getting a routine down, it has been slightly stressful but I know I wouldn't change it for the world!!

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