About Me

Behind the scenes, where it all began:
I am first time mom, I was due in October with a little boy but he decided to come in September; you can call me Amanda. When I started looking into different things for my little pumpkin, I accidentally found cloth diapering. At first, I was completely turned off by the idea. “Washing poopy diapers all the time? YUCK!” That’s all I could think about. However, I spend 90% of my time at home and decided that I shouldn’t bash it until I try it in this case, research it. I did my research and fell in love; not to mention addicted.

I have a very supportive significant other, who became my fiance on August 21, 2011. We plan to get married between August and October of 2012, we haven't completely decided yet.

A Few Facts About Me:
1.) I have lived in Texas most of my life.
2.) I sometimes wish I lived somewhere other than Texas.
3.) I am a young mom.
4.) My favorite color is Green.
5.) Fall and the beginning of winter are my favorite season(s).
6.) I have a cat named Boxer that I've had since he was born.
7.) I want to be a nurse.

Don't you feel like you know me a little bit better? :) 

About Bird's Nest:
I came up with the idea of starting my own cloth diapering business which he supports 100%, he encourages me daily and even comes up with ideas that I couldn't have thought of myself. When I started, we were close to opening the gates to testing when a few things came up on our end and it prevented us from going any further. I informed my already built fan base that business would have to be held off a little bit longer. As bad as I felt, I had to do what was best for my family, my fans, and myself. As of right now, I will be keeping up with my blog while working on my skills behind the scenes and all the other things that go along with having a business. We are also working on our fan base, which I hope continues to grow even before the diapers and other goods start rolling out!!! Great things come in time and before you know it, all of your patience will pay off!!