Monday, September 19, 2011

August 21st, 2011 Achievement Unlocked

This weekend, on Sunday was Orlando and I’s one year anniversary. To make a very long story short Orlando and I had to make a quick trip to Houston, the reason he told me was to just be with family – the real reason.. Well you’re just going to have to read.
We celebrated early Saturday night at The Rainforest Cafe  at the Galleria in Houston, while his mom was at home moving the rings from one spot to another. Sunday morning he picked one out while I was distracted by The Sims Social on the computer and waiting on the queue to eat. However, the time to eat never came because two of our family members never showed up. We waited until 11:30 AM when we were going to eat around 8:30am, we couldn’t just go home because the car was at the family shop getting a tune up and oil change, making sure it was ready for inspection!! My almost father in law took us to get the car where we spend another hour or so talking about getting a second, family-friendly car and then we finally left.
We were SO hungry we stopped at the halfway mark Giddings, Texas, which is a small town, at this little hole in the wall place, best chicken fried steak ever. I insisted that I had the large when I should have gotten regular but I did eat most of it, so I give myself props even though I felt like I was going to explode! When we left, Orlando saw a little train station and since we love to take adventures, he said we should go check it out- so we did. It was really neat to look at, I wish it had been open so we could go inside and check it out but instead we just looked through the windows, next to it was a little gazebo and he walked (more like raced) over there, I slowly followed – or should I say waddled after him. When I got there he hugged me and said “I love you.” I was jokingly patting around his shorts and asked, “Alright, where’s the ring?” He busted out laughing, got down on one knee, for some reason I laughed but then I was speechless and he started tearing up, which made me all teary. He asked me to marry him and I just stood there for 30 seconds and hugged him and said “Of course, yes! You know I won’t say no!!” Then went back to laughing and  just kept asking him and myself, “Did this really just happen?!?” As we walked back to the car…

I later called my mom to tell her (almost home at this point) and starting laughing/crying hysterically… She couldn’t understand what I was saying. Eventually she got it but I told her I’d have to call her later because all the mixed emotions/hormones were just overwhelming and I made myself sick.
He said to me me, “That’s why we went to Houston this weekend because I have always wanted to do it on our anniversary and I wanted to pick a ring out that made you feel like a princess.” I would have taken a string around the finger with a little bead on it and have no complaints. The fact that I am wearing one of his mother’s rings is absolutely amazing. There will be no major wedding plans going on because right now we’re just focused on getting our little one here, safe and sound!!! But once he is born, which isn’t too far away just another month, it’s so on!!!

Achievement Unlocked – Make Amanda Feel Like A Princess

I wanted to share the great news! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a wonderful week!

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